Find the ideal method of fat removal for you right here at Ginsburg Dermatology Center!

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Hi, I am Dr. Ginsburg and we are about to do a cool sculpting treatment on Jill. At Ginsburg dermatology center we offer CoolSculpting and Smart Lipo. Cools sculpting is the most popular non-invasive means of fat removal but it’s very important when you get a consultation to go to someone who offers both, because cool sculpting is only for small localized areas of fat removal whereas liposuction you can remove large areas of fat removal, so please come for a consultation and we will decide on what the most effective treatment is for you!

Jill gives us a walk through her experience with Cool Sculpting here at Ginsburg Dermatology Centre

Treatment Video

Hey, I am Jill from Ginsburg Dermatology and I am going to be experiencing one of the perks of working at a dermatologist and medical spa today which will be cool sculpting. You guys are going to see how Jen our Spa manager puts everything on me, and then you will see during the process then afterwards I will talk to you about how it felt.


Subcision Video Image

Subcision is an effective treatment for deep areas of cellulite. Performed in conjunction with Vaser shape it can significantly improve overall appearance of cellulite.

Dr. Ginsburg describes different forms of hair loss and how he treats them

Hair Loss Consult Video

We will be treating this lady’s hair loss which she’s had for years. I believe it’s a combination of a few factors. Number one, when she was young, her hair was braided very tightly and that causes what we call Traction alopecia, which leads to inflammation and scarring. That component of the hair loss, we can treat with intralesional injections or cortisone and we do it every month or two and it can take, you know, six to12 months to see improvement. The other component is just hereditary one. And that we call androgenic alopecia, and that is just a hereditary tendency to have thinning hair which can be seen in every generation or it can skip generations. So, we treat that with medications called antiandrogens – is the most common medication that I use. We also can use medications like finasteride and dutasteride which are approved for hair loss in men. They are not approved for women just because they didn’t test them in women because they cause birth defects. So, when we are using them in women, we don’t do it to women who are potentially child bearing. So what I am going to do now is give this area some injections of cortisone and she is growing back some of her hair.

Skin Resurfacing

Skin Resurfacing Video

Ginsburg Dermatology Center explains skin resurfacing.

Hand Rejuvenation

Hand Rejuvenation Video

Ginsburg Dermatology Center and patient consultation. A candid view.

How fillers make your lips look fuller and more youthful

Lip Injections Video

Doctor – She already has beautiful lips but we are going to make them a little bit bigger and maybe a little bit out of proportion. What you want is the bottom lip to be about one-and-a-half times bigger than the top lip but I think hers is a little bit larger than one-and-a-half times. The other feature that makes lips pretty is the definition of the wide/white line, this little area at the junction of the top of the lip. Another thing that makes lips pretty is Cupid’s bow. If you see that and that, and that combined with the Philtrum columns gives a very pretty middle lip. So, what we are trying to do is maintain the shape, we don’t want the lip to turn out, because that gives a duck-like appearance which nobody likes. When I inject lips, there is no one way I inject lips, I can’t tell you the formula, but I look where I want the lips to be a little bit bigger and then I add volume there and then I try to match it if I want to make the lower lip a little bit better. So, she already has some numbing cream on and so she may feel it a little bit, but it shouldn’t be particularly painful. So, first I want to add more volume here, so I am going to go right under her white rule here and I use a 30 gauge-31 gauge needle on an insulin syringe. We load the filler into that and it gives me much much more accurate control and also less pain on injection. So, if you look already how much this has turned up and is already a little fuller. Okay, and let her take a quick peek at that size. It is very important to get feedback on lips because you don’t want ….

Patient – I love it.

Doctor – Yeah, want to make it a little bigger? Little bit bigger? Take a look. A little bit bigger?

Patient – I think you should do what you think you should do.

Doctor – Okay, I’ll do a little bit more. So, I’m gonna add a little bit more volume to the middle lip right here, and if you could look at that (nice). Take a look again.

Patient – I love it.

Doctor – The amount of filler I use in lips is very, very small and I’m using Restylane right now which is a hyaluronic acid filler. So, the other thing I like to do is match the fullness of the upper lip with the fullness of the lower lip, so I am going to put some right there and it gives a sort of a dumbbell-like appearance, which is the classical shape to the lip. So I am going to stop there. You can take one more look at it. And I matched that to that. And then we’ll do the other side, not on the camera.

Patient – That’s great!

Ginsburg Dermatology Center ACNE segment ABC 33/40

Ginsburg Dermatology Center ACNE segment ABC 33/40

ACNE segment on ABC 33/40 featuring Dr. Barry Ginsburg.