Clear the molluscum virus bumps quickly and effectively with skilled dermatology expertise

“Molluscum contagiosum” is a funny-sounding name; however, this condition is certainly nothing to laugh about if you or a loved one are suffering from the characteristic bumps that tend to grow and spread. Fortunately, our team at Ginsburg Dermatology Center in Birmingham, Alabama, has the expertise and tools to detect and resolve these bothersome and hard-to-miss lesions accurately and promptly. 

The “basics” 

The bumps that are so characteristic of molluscum evolve; they often start as smaller, white, pink, or flesh-colored bumps. They can appear almost anywhere (even the inside of your eyelids!). The bumps may become larger and more dome-shaped. Picking or scratching at these bumps only makes them worse. They can spread to other parts of the body. Those with impaired immune systems tend to have larger bumps, or molluscum may cluster. As the bumps clear, they may look like pimples. 

The evolving lesions are, as their name suggests, contagious. In fact, the term “molluscum contagiosum” refers to the virus that infects the skin and produces these bumps. Risk factors include: 

  • Athletes who have skin-to-skin contact with infected individuals or who touch items that are infected, for instance, a gym mat
  • Children aged ten or younger, especially those who are prone to very dry skin or eczema (which makes the skin more susceptible to viral infections)
  • Individuals with weakened immune systems

Most anyone with conditions that negatively affect the immune system will need prompt treatment because they can’t fight off the infection on their own. Likewise, the bumps may be painful or itchy, and it can take several months for the virus to clear. Plus, there is always the potential to pass the virus on to others. So, for fast and effective clearing of the virus and of your skin, our dermatologist, Dr. Ginsburg, may recommend treatment with: 

  • Cryotherapy, which is simply the medical way of saying that we freeze off each of the bumps
  • Laser therapy for harder-to-treat molluscum (dozens of bumps may be treated in a few minutes)
  • Mechanical removal: techniques may include opening up the lesions and removing the viral substance inside

Again, do not try to “scratch away” the lesion. It only spreads the virus further. Prevention is always a good practice. It’s crucial to minimize sharing items and follow excellent hygiene practices, especially in gyms where there is a lot of contact with others and shared equipment. Questions? Call Ginsburg Dermatology Center at (205) 209-4780 today.

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