Address sagging facial and neck skin with SkinTyte treatment

When anti-aging creams are not enough to address the early formation of fine lines and wrinkles, many patients may wonder if plastic surgery is the next step. Fortunately, there is a solution that will work for those who have more aging than can be managed with facial creams but not enough to warrant invasive plastic surgery. Dr. Barry Ginsburg and his team at Ginsburg Dermatology Center in Birmingham, Alabama, can help with technologically-advanced solutions such as the SkinTyte treatment.

What is SkinTyte?

When patients are looking for a way to address skin laxity in the mid-stages of aging, SkinTyte might be a possible solution for these individuals to consider. SkinTyte administers specialized light energy that will penetrate deep into the skin stimulating collagen production and help improve it dramatically with time. We encourage patients considering this service to schedule a series of treatments, typically 3-6, spaced 3-4 weeks apart to achieve the best results.

Where can treatments be performed?

The SkinTyte treatment can be used anywhere on the body but is commonly used on the face and neck as a treatment for skin laxity. It is a solution for loose facial skin and sagging neck skin, tightening and firming these areas to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Treatment can be tailored and personalized to the patient’s unique needs.

What aftercare should be considered after SkinTyte treatments?

No special skin care is required after these treatments, but patients should be mindful of spending any time outside in the sun. Avoiding sunlight for the next few days and using a high SPF sunblock will protect the skin while it’s vulnerable following these services.

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