Treatment with the Halo device for facial rejuvenation

Skin rejuvenation treatments are becoming more popular as patients realize how effective technologically-advanced treatments can be in rejuvenating facial skin. The Halo laser treatment delivers these results. Dr. Barry Ginsburg in Birmingham, Alabama, is a dermatologist who offers cosmetic services for individuals to help them improve their skin’s color, texture and tone. Halo laser is one of the finest lasers that delivers these results with a minimum of down time

What should I know about the Halo laser treatment?

When learning about the Halo treatments for facial rejuvenation, there are several things to consider. The Halo laser skin treatment is a beautiful way to enhance the skin. Below are just a few considerations to think about when choosing your rejuvenation solution:

  • Halo is unique in that it is the first and only hybrid fractional laser on the market today, delivering both ablative and non-ablative wavelengths for optimum treatment.
  • Halo is used for more than just fine lines and wrinkles. It also treats sun damage, surface scarring, enlarged pores, poor skin tone and texture, and hyperpigmentation or discoloration.
  • Halo offers dramatic results, as it resurfaces your skin using unique dual-wavelength technology.
  • Halo offers patients results that can be seen in just a few days.
  • Halo treatments can be performed on patients of all skin types and complexions.
  • Halo laser resurfacing delivers its results with essentially no down time.
  • Halo allows patients to undergo fewer treatments for faster and more dramatic results.
  • Halo treatments can take approximately one to two hours, depending on the treatment area.

How do I learn more about Halo laser resurfacing?

Our team at Ginsburg Dermatology Center is here to help with a wide range of cosmetic solutions for the face and body. Birmingham, AL area patients can call (205) 209-4780 to request a consultation with Dr. Barry Ginsburg, located at 972 Montclair Road, Suite #100. We are open to new and returning patients in the Birmingham area and the communities of Anniston, Pell City, Mountainbrook, and Trussville.