Butt Lift Procedures

Gluteal Sculpting, aka “Brazilian Butt Lift”

One’s appearance is paramount. A beautiful face often attracts us to a potential mate, gets us that new job, and and builds our self-esteem. Our body shape can also mesmerize those around us. I can perform liposuction surgery on the area around the backside to give the butt lift and better appearance. The shape and fullness of the backside is mostly determine by genetics.  No amount of weight gain or loss can reshape the buttocks to give it that beautiful shape you long for

We optimize the gluteal area or buttocks appearance by the adjacent fullness and shape of the lower back and flanks as well as the inner and outer thigh. The natural curve of the lower back or lordosis, also referred to as the swoop, also can position the buttocks to look fuller or more aesthetically pleasing. Wearing high heals will accentuate this curve.

Liposuction is first performed to “frame” the gluteal area and acquire fat for transfer for augmentation. However, 85% of the shape and appearance of fullness of the buttocks is do to the skilled sculpting of the adjacent body areas. We perform the liposuction and then process the fat reinjection. In your pre-op consultation, we will determine the areas we will inject. Once injected we expect anywhere from 50 to 80% of the fat to take as a permanent fat graft.

Sculpting with Sculptra

Sculptra is used to add volume to an area. It does this by collagen stimulation and volumizes the face. However, it will add volume wherever we inject it. It is also best to use Sculptra if you only need a small increase in volume as a series of monthly injections. The preferred method of adding volume to the butt is the brazilian butt lift using your own fat, but this involves liposuction surgery and fat transfer  which is a more involved procedure.

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